Cattle & Cane @ Hit The Bar, Middlesbrough

A “secret gig” from a top local band. Marvellous.

Secret Acoustic Show Tonight – You Are Invited!
Hi Pledgers,First of all, we would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who pre-ordered ‘Mirrors’ ❤️ We hope you’re all enjoying it.
We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for your support, so as a little thank you, we’re going to play a secret acoustic show in Middlesbrough tonight…

How very exciting!  Having not been to a secret gig before, I’ve now been to two in as many weeks (Turin Brakes last week).  This one was truly “secret”.  A little tweet was sent out from Cattle & Cane on Saturday to indicate it was coming.

This was then followed up with details from Pledge Music around lunchtime on Monday. The venue was confirmed as Hit The Bar in Middlesbrough.

I went along with my brother arriving a little before 7pm.  Cattle & Cane were on shortly after 7pm, performing an incredible acoustic set to a raptured audience of 60 or so pledgers.  I’ve seen Cattle & Cane 3 times before (at Deer Shed 6, Deer Shed 7 and The Empire), but this was something special.  An intimate venue with a crowd that were very happy to be there.

The first seven songs of the set were entirely from the new album, Mirrors.  They opened the set (after a brief pause for a siren flying passed) launching into the beautiful Love On Your Hands.  All the songs from Mirrors sounded, as expected, superb.  Tonight We Dance (Cleveland Hills) was performed off the stage amongst the crowd.  Joe played Paper Man, which apparently doesn’t get much of a live outing.  The set finished on the singalong Fool for You, before they took the briefest of pauses.  A rousing applause followed and without exiting the stage they performed another 3 tracks from their back catalogue.  The delicate start of Infant Hercules was briefly interrupted by the sweet sounds of a very loud hand dryer in the toilets, but soon resumed to perfection.  The crowd were in fine voice for this one.

My brother didn’t know much about the band beforehand, but, by the end of the night had bought the vinyl from pledge music.  The beer was great; Brewdog: Dead Pony Club Session Pale Ale, followed by a fairly tasty alcohol free equivalent Brewdog: Nanny State.

As a bonus on the night the band had just heard that the album was sitting at no. 53 in the midweek album charts.  Lets hope it stays there by Friday.  It was a privilege to be part of this night.  Thanks to the band for inviting me.

You can buy the album from Pledge Music, Amazon or iTunes or get yourself down to the marvellous Sound It Out Records in Stockton.

I managed to sneak on to the photo for this tweet.  I almost look like a band member!

My brother & I both made it on to this photo…

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