Haley Bonar @ The Cluny

Decent gig from the main act. Horror show from the support.

How we chose it: random pick. No obvious gig choices in April, so we gave Spotify a spin for all the reasonably priced choices thrown up by Songkick.

Venue & crowd: The Cluny is always good if not a little loud at times. Volume was good tonight & the crowd was plentiful and very respectful.

Food & beer: decent local brew (Stronghold, Wylam Breweries) with a standard range of Cluny burgers.

Attended by: Chris, Ste & Andrew

Support act: Michael Nau – Not feeling this bloke. Sounded like a bad Josh Rouse with poor tuneless, samey, drab songs. The drummer looked like Napoleon Dynamite. That was the best part.

Main act: Haley Bonar. Good stuff. Played a good set. Not really that familiar with her stuff, but guessing most came from her last few albums. Covered Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric as part of the encore. All in all pretty impressed.

Merch: non purchased.

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Author: cwblueroom

Gig goer. Vinyl buyer. Movie lover.

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