The Sherlocks @ Ku Bar, Stockton-on-Tees

No Andrew for this one, but our first trip to Stockton for #agigamonth.

Why we went: one of the guys from The Sherlocks started following me on twitter for some reason, so I thought I’d give them a listen.  They sounded decent in the vein of Arctic Monkeys, so we thought we’d give it a go.

Were they good: yep – really good, considering we only knew 4 songs.  The crowd were well up for it and the #sherlocksarmy seemed to know all the lyrics to all of the songs.  There was the extra bonus of a man in the crowd who would give the Mountain from Game of Thrones a run for his money.

Food: worst food in the history of a gig a month.  Andrew had the fortune of missing this.  Carpaccios – really struggled to find somewhere decent to eat, so took a chance on this place.  I had terrible sticky chicken wings followed by a passable parmo.  Ste has terrible potato skins followed by an unpleasant “grattan”.

Ste (next day): My mouth tastes like a swamp and I can only hear on one side.

Grattan breath *WhatsApp picture of XXX mints and Trebor Mighties*

Support acts: Towzer (not great) & The Citadels (terrible…walked out and had a drink in the other room)

The Sherlocks in full Sherlockian rock.

Author: cwblueroom

Gig goer. Vinyl buyer. Movie lover.

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