Turin Brakes @ The Cluny

Present: Chirs, Clare, Ste & Andrew.  This was sold out by the time Andrew knew he could go.  Magically I spotted someone selling a ticket on Facebook and Andrew managed to grab it!

Turin Brakes were great.  Way better than at Chase Park last year.  They had the amps at the Cluny turned up well past 11, but TB sounded amazing and were clearly pleased to be showcasing a new album (Lost Property).

Support act: Tom Speight – pretty good.  Added to spotify playlist afterwards.

Food: Longhorns, Jesmond.  Post-gig quote “I’ve learnt an important meat lesson tonight.”

My highlights:
Last Chance
Sea Change
Fishing for a Dream
Mind Over Money
Keep Me Around

Turin Brakes Setlist The Cluny, Newcastle, England 2016, Lost Property Tour




Author: cwblueroom

Gig goer. Vinyl buyer. Movie lover.

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