Lanterns on the Lake @ The Sage

Pre-gig quote from me: I want some good boozes on saturday night. Some very good boozes.

Pretty certain Ste & I lived up to that one when a lady from the row in front Shhhh’d us.

Support act: Ditte Elly – ridiculously precious.  One lady with an acoustic guitar singing depressing tunes to a painfully polite and quiet audience.  Unlike us for Lanterns.

Lanterns on the Lake were joined on stage by the Royal Northern Sinfonia.  It started out pretty special, but it seemed to fade as the gig went on.

Food: The Bridge Tavern

Ticket price: £15 + the usual booking fees

Merch: there was some vinyl for sale and the band were signing copies, but there was a massive queue and the shhhh’ing had put a bit of a dampener on things (as had Lanterns slightly).  Walked away empty handed.

Post-gig comment: Ste & I were discussing a rating system last night. We could make it complex (experience, venue, sound, circumstance of the night, booze etc.) or just go with an out of 10 mark.
With that in mind I’m going 7/10. Could have reached greater heights.

Andrew: Haha, brilliant – I feel a spreadsheet coming on! Let’s go complex on this bad boy!

Lanterns on the Lake Setlist The Sage, Gateshead, England 2016

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