The Bluetones @ O2 Academy

I was flying solo for this one.  Decided to go on the day and paid on the door.

Comment from Ste (in advance): Good commitment! Thank goodness for mobile phones to fill the awkward gaps between acts.

Q from Andrew: Yay! Glad you made it there – how was it flying solo for the night?
The gig itself was fine (not really an issue not being with someone). The bit beforehand felt strange – like I was waiting for someone to arrive! It helped that I only arrived at 7.45ish (I’d already missed the support act (Standard Lamps?)) and they were on at 8.15. My phone got most of that 30 minutes attention.

They were also on and off stage at a very civilised time. 8.15 on 10pm off. Nice.

Still buzzing after last nights set. My ears are also still ringing.

The setlist was career spanning focussed sensibly on the early years.
Expecting To Fly:
Cut Some Rug
The Fountainhead
Carnt Be Trusted
Slight Return
Putting Out FiresReturn To The Last Chance Saloon:
Sleazy Bed Track
If… (End of encore)
Solomon Bites The Worm
4-day Weekend

Science & Nature:
Keep The Home Fires Burning (best?)
Tiger Lily

Fast Boy (worst tune of the night)
Never Going Nowhere

The Bluetones:

A New Athens:
A New Athens

Non-album singles & b-sides:
Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? (Opening track)
Marblehead Johnson
I Was A Teenage Jesus
After Hours

Also randomly did the Minder theme tune (write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…)

The Legendary Bluetones


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